Ep 41 – Dr. Matthew Champagne – How to Get Real Feedback From Your Ideal Clients

Hey Photogs! Do you have trouble understanding your clients needs? Do you ask for feedback, but the results are either unhelpful or leave you confused? Mike sits down and talks with Dr. Matthew Champagne about the science of surveys and asking for feedback. They discuss how surveys are worded poorly, why bad data can hurt your business, and why asking questions on Facebook is completely worthless. 

More About our Guest Speaker: For 25 years, Dr. Matthew Champagne has been a researcher, university professor, author, and serial entrepreneur. He was named "Technology Visionary of 2015" by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychological principles and technology to create never-before-seen survey and feedback solutions. When not ranting about the misery caused by all the crappy surveys in the world, Matt can be found on a cruise ship with his family, in the reefs SCUBA diving, or on stage playing keyboards in his rock band. You can check out Matt's podcast here. You can check out Matt's "The 9 Principles of Customer Feedback" infographic for just us Photogs. You can also directly contact Matt at matt@docchampagne.com.

Discussion Topics:

  • How to get people to actually answer your surveys.
  • How many people should you ask in a survey?
  • Which questions to avoid asking.
  • ‘Me to you’ marketing.

Influence and Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini: https://www.influenceatwork.com/principles-of-persuasion/

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