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Photogs Unite! Podcast Marni Kinrys

Ep 3 – Marni Kinrys – Helping clients feel comfortable in front of the camera

Hey Photogs! The third installment features Marni Kinrys sitting down with Mike. Marni is a professional dating coach and has so many great tips to share with us so we can quickly build rapport with our

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Photogs Unite! Podcast Joe Pulizzi

Ep 2 – Joe Pulizzi – How to serve your target audience and attract new clients

Hey Photogs! In the second installment of our Photogs Unite! Podcast, Mike talks content marketing with THE expert Joe Pulizzi. Joe shares his insight on how to build your audience and cater your content

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Ep 1 – Kelly Roach – How to Identify and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Hey Photogs! In this podcast Mike sits down with Kelly Roach, an incredibly talented business coach ready to help YOU buckle down and get your business rolling. Mike and Kelly break down the steps to

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Photogs Unite! Podcast

Ep 0 – Welcome to the party

The Photogs Unite! Podcast will teach you how to run a successful photography business. Now here’s the crazy part? I don’t interview photographers. Let’s step outside the echo chamber

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