Why Photogprahers Should Not Follow Other Photographer’s Business Pages

What not to do

I’ve been seeing this in a bunch of Facebook groups lately. Someone will start a thread and ask everyone to post their business pages so they can all like each others page to boost their numbers. When your page has more fans, it can appear as though you are more popular and you might attract attention. That’s not really how it works though. Having a bunch of other photographers like your business page will actually hurt you. Here’s how.

Watering Down Your List

Because of Facebook’s algorithm, when you post on your business page, only 2-3% of your fans will see your content. It used to be much higher, but now you have to pay to boost your posts if you want your fans to see what you’re saying. When you add other photographers into that mix, you are reducing the chance for your actual clients to see what you post.

If 2-3% of you list can organically see a post, adding non-clients to your fanbase will only reduce the number of clients who see them. The other spots will be taken by the photographers on your list, who don’t need to see anything you’re sharing with your fans.

Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s too easy to waste time scrolling through gallery after gallery admiring others’ work. When your Facebook feed is full of photos from other photographers, you will keep scrolling down longer to see more images. Not only does this take away your engagement with your actual friends, but you are not out working on your own images.

It is definitely important to admire others’ work and to find inspiration and new techniques, but it needs to be done strategically and deliberately. If you follow too many other photographers, you’ll start spending more time looking at their work, instead of setting time aside to specifically look for new techniques or styles.


It’s ok to follow other photographers on Facebook and Instagram. If you ‘like’ their page, unfollow them right away. Then when you’ve designated time for it, you can look them up and brows their work.

You can also keep Instagram for following photographers and Facebook for connecting with friends. The trick is to just find balance.

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