Who do I work with in my photography business? These companies have helped me build my business and provide a referral-worthy experience to my clients for several years. The links below are my referral links, but I would NEVER recommend a company or product to you that I don’t actively use myself. That’s why I don’t have 3 brands of lights, 12 software programs, and 6 printing companies. If you want to see more of how I use each of these, just ask! I’m happy to help.

Animoto – Video Slideshows/Marketing Videos

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This is the company I use to make all of my video slideshows and marketing videos. I’ve used them to start EVERY SINGLE in-person sales session since I started shooting professionally. It’s a great tool for starting your IPS with tons of emotion that put your client in the same emotional state they were in during the shoot. That’s a really powerful sales too. I also use the slideshows in my packages as an up-sell. Then after your clients buy them and share them online, it’s free marketing for you.

The LawTog – Contracts, Releases, & Other Legal Resources

Download Your Free Photographers Contract.  Because you never have an issue until you have an issue.

The industry’s only legal go-to resource to help photographers protect and defend their business.

Rachel Brenke is both a barred lawyer and professional photographer. She’s known as the LawTog. She offers specialized contracts, releases, tax guide, and other valuable legal documents that can protect you and the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Don’t let one incident take it all away.

Imagenomic Portraiture – My Favorite Skin Retouching Software

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I’ve been using Portraiture since about 2014 and I’d be hard pressed to use another program for retouching skin. It’s takes a few seconds to run and then your retouching is all but finished. It’s seriously that fast, and it keeps the skin looking real, not like plastic. Yes, it’s a $200 plugin, but if you add up the time you save by using this, it pays for itself in a just a few shoots. I can edit my boudoir photos from RAW to print-ready in under 60-90 seconds, all because of this plugin.

Adorama – My favorite place to buy photography gear

Click here for the main store. Or click on the brand of your camera to see my preferred off-camera flash:

Flashpoint for Canon

Flashpoint for Nikon

Flashpoint for Sony

Flashpoint for Fuji

Flashpoint for Panasonic/Olympus 

Adorama has everything in their store. They do fast shipping and their Flashpoint strobes are the best investment I’ve made in my business in years. They also have a great selection of used gear if you want to save a little money and still buy good stuff that isn’t black/grey market.

Email and Marketing Automation

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Social media accounts come and go every time Facebook/Instagram/Myspace… changes. Your email list is always yours. It is undoubtedly your most valuable asset in business. I use Active Campaign to manage my email list because how how easy and versatile it is. I can set up automated emails to go out whenever my clients sign up for something and I can easily sound out well designed and high-functioning emails to any section of my email list, or all of my email list, whenever I want. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it system and it saves me tons of time.

The pricing is based on the size of your list. So it’s very inexpensive to get started. And unlike some of the other companies out there who offer email management, this one scales very well. It has more advanced functionality for when you’re ready for it.