Ep 64 – Mark Green – You Are Where You Are Because You Chose To Be There

Hey Photogs! What do you really want? And what are you going to do about it? Do you take every single job that comes your way, whether or not it is right for you? Or do you say 'no' to those who are rude, argue with you about your prices, and/or isn't your client? Mike talks with Mark Green about learning how to say 'no' to potential clients who are just not right for you (or who don't respect you as an artist) and the Power of Purpose. They talk about the driving force behind the decisions we make, why we have a hard time taking risk - even if it's in our best interest - and how to change our mindset to allow as to be free of that fear that holds us back. 

More about our Guest Speaker: 

Mark Green, author of Activators: A CEO's Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done, is a speaker, strategic advisor and coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. He has addressed, coached and advised thousands of business leaders, helping them unlock more of their potential and teaching them how to do the same for their teams. Mark helps his clients escape the Growth Trap by implementing a proven, easy-to-use framework to run and grow the business faster and more profitably, while expending less effort and less time. He is a Core Advisor to Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches (formerly Gazelles International), a mentor to coaches worldwide, and an active contributor to programs and content for their global ecosystem." 

Go on his site and take the Hidden Growth Killers Self-Assessment!

Discussion Topics: 

  • Shifting Your Yes-To-No Ratio
  • Does your Deliberate Practice allow you to grow as a person and an artist?
  • The Big Three Categories of Fear
  • What is the Power of Purpose?
  • Business growth rate CANNOT exceed personal growth rate

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Mark Green's book "Activators"

Simon Sinek's Start with Why

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