Ep 61 – 7 Things You Might Be Doing That Are Keeping You From Success

Hey Photogs! Happy Christmahanakwanzikawintersolstice! Don't let the holiday blues get you down, Mike has a special episode for you. What is the one variable in your life that you have complete control over? It's you. And YOU are the only one who can fix your situation. As the New Year roles around, consider listening to this episode, set a goal for 2019, and start working towards that goal throughout the new year.

Discussion Topics: 

  • You are responsible for your success or failure.
  • Getting rid of negative things and negative people in your life
  • Stop playing the blame game
  • Being realistic

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About the Author Laura Silva

Laura Silva is the editor and show notes writer for the Photogs Unite! Podcast. When she's not refining the audio for the show, she edits videos on the side. She also volunteers at her local yoga center, where she can do a killer Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle Pose). Namaste.

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