Ep 59 – Joe Apfelbaum – This is B.S: Belief System

Hey Photogs! Do you ever tell yourself, 'I won't make it, I can't do it,' well, that's a belief that you say to yourself, not a fact, and if you keep saying it, you're not going to succeed. Instead try believing that YOU will make it and that YOU can do it. The mind is a powerful thing. Mike talks with Joe Apfelbaum about changing our perception of the world through what we believe and how we can rewire our brains to get us to believe and do things we thought we couldn't do.

More about our Guest Speaker: 

Joe Apfelbaum is the CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, and certified Google trainer. Joe is the author of his new book, "High Energy Secrets", how he lost 95 pounds and has more energy now more than ever. When he is not Mojovating entrepreneurs at events and on social media he chills in Brooklyn with his Wife and 5 kids. You can find him on his website, Joe Apfelbaum, or check out his Facebook group page, Mojovation

Discussion Topics: 

  • How to change a limiting belief
  • How to define your success
  • Three false beliefs we have
  • Three steps to success
  • How to make more money with your camera

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