Ep 56 – Fred Stuvek – Hope Is Not A Strategy

Hey Photogs! We can sometimes be hard on ourselves and not understand our own worth. Or we don't do it at all, because 'what's the point, I'll never be as good as the professionals'. Mike talks with Fred Stuvek Jr. about understanding your worth and pushing yourself to make the small steps to your success, because as we all know, every step you make, brings you one step closer.

More About our Guest Speaker:  

Fred Stuvek Jr. has achieved extraordinary success in diverse realms. Born in West Virginia and raised in Pennsylvania, he has been inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame for achievements in football, basketball, baseball, and track. He graduated from the United States Naval Academy, after lettering three years as quarterback for the Midshipmen. After service as a Naval Officer, he transitioned to the business world where he has held senior leadership positions in private and public companies, both domestically and internationally. Key successes include an international medical imaging start-up that led to a successful IPO, and forming a private medical services company, which he subsequently sold. From the playing field, to the war room, to the board room his leadership and accomplishments have given him a distinct perspective and a results-oriented mindset. You can find him on Linkedin at Fred Stuvek Jr. or on his website, It Starts With You, where you can purchase his book.

Discussion Topics:

  • Taking ownership of your success
  • Conquering limiting beliefs
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Defining success
  • Understanding the value you provide

Links mentioned in show:

Travis Rosser's You're Not Luke Skywalker Episode

"Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done" by Jon Acuff

"It Starts With You" by Fred Stuvek

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