Ep 55 – Lee Rowley – Copywriting: It’s Not A Mad Lib Game

Hey Photogs! It's important that you grab your clients' attention on your website with details about what you do and how you serve them. Although it's definitely easier to just write, 'I take pictures; hire me?', nobody is going to be knocking down your doors with that type of language and grammar. Mike talks with Lee Rowley about the art of copywriting, how to get your ideal client to book you, figuring out what kind of problem you need to solve for them, and how to reorganize your 'about you' page with useful information and not a vanity paragraph gushing about your favorite color.

More About our Guest Speaker:  

Lee Rowley is a 10-year veteran sales copywriter, but for the first 6 of those years, he was pretty bad at his job. Then he stopped listening to the copywriting “experts” talk about how marketing MUST be done…and instead spent 18 months developing a connection-forging, personal approach to copywriting that nearly doubled his clients’ conversions and revenues. Today, Lee helps “brandpreneurs” – artists, coaches, speakers, authors, and many others – craft their own powerful, persuasive marketing copy that empowers them to stand out, cultivate trust, and create their own tribe of loyal, ready-to-buy fans. You can enroll in his Sales Copy Academy here or put yourself on the waitlist to hire him at Cage Free Marketing Copy. Check out his course Dial In: Beyond the Avatar Coaching Session. 

The first three Photogs who ask will get a FREE copy critique from Lee Rowley!

Contact him at Lee.Rowley@salescopyacademy.com

Discussion Topics:

  • Gated feedback v. ungated feedback.
  • You bring solutions to your client's problems.
  • Figure out who is your ideal client and why they should hire you.
  • The 'about you' page is really not about you.
  • Invest in understanding your client; the educational webinars can wait.

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