Ep 52 – Wendi Dunford – How to Quiet the Negative Voices in Our Head

Hey Photogs! Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I'm not good enough, why do people keep hiring me?' Yet, they just keep hiring you. You could be experiencing Imposter Syndrome, where you constantly doubt your accomplishments and have fears that you are a 'fraud'. On the flip side, we all know someone who preaches from the top of their ivory tower, but their photo quality is down in the basement. This is called the Dunning Kruger Effect, and it's just as dangerous. Mike talks with Wendi Dunford about both of these scenarios, what could be the underlining cause, and what we can do to combat those nasty voices. 

More About our Guest Speaker:  

Wendi Dunford, LCSW has been working with individuals and couples as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the past 17 years. In addition to her private practice, WD Mental Health, and her podcast, The Therapy Show, she shows up once a week on the daily morning podcast show, The Morning Stream, to give advice to listeners (and free therapy for her brother Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott, the hosts). You can also check out her Instagram, @Wendidunford.

Discussion Topics:

  • What is Imposter syndrome? How is it different from the Dunning-Kruger effect?
  • Why do we experience this?
  • How to assess if we are actually experiencing Imposter syndrome or if we are just being truthful about our abilities in the beginning of our career?
  • Can we take control of our personal critic.

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