Ep 50 – Travis Rosser – You’re Not Luke Skywalker, You’re Yoda

Hey Photogs! It's our 50th episode, the gold episode! Thank you for all of your awesomeness and continued support! 

If you want to learn a new skill or start a new hobby, nowadays we can just look it up online, and that means anybody can be the expert or teacher, even YOU. Mike talks with Travis Rosser about selling your skills by creating online courses based on your talents. But I hear you say, 'wait, I'm hardly an expert in that. I don't know EVERYTHING!' Good news, you don't have to know everything about something to teach it. You can design the course to fit your strengths. 

More About our Guest Speaker:  

Travis Rosser is a software entrepreneur, speaker, and author.  After a decade in a software industry he co-founded Kajabi, a knowledge capital platform that has helped customers redefine themselves as experts, free themselves from the traditional notions of a job, and live more fulfilled lives. Since 2010, Kajabi has helped more than ten thousand people launch their own small businesses, and to this day these knowledge entrepreneurs have generated more than $600 million in sales. You can find Travis and get his book, "You Inc.: The Step by Step Guide for Finding A Business Within You", at www.youincbook.com.

Discussion Topics:

  • Three stages of marketing: Asleep, aware, and awake.
  • How do you know if your skill or knowledge is marketable?
  • Charging for your value and not your time.
  • Believe it until you achieve it.

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