Ep 48 – Harry Lowell – Being Successful As A Creative

Hey Photogs! We often ask ourselves as creatives, "Can I actually do it? Can I actually achieve my dream?" Mike talks with Harry Lowell, a film and television producer, about getting started as a creative. Why you need to appreciate the small jobs, having a great attitude on set, and figuring out what your 'superpower' is and using that strength to help you in your field.

More About our Guest Speaker:  

Harry is the founder and Executive Producer of NiteLite Pictures.  He is an award-winning television producer whose innovative style and creative energy established his strong reputation for delivering quality projects for some of the biggest networks and advertising clients around. Harry has an exceptional ability to remain true to the creative while navigating complex projects, timelines and budgets, whether it's a network reality series or a Super Bowl commercial. Harry expanded his television career while working with Disney producing theatrical trailers, television promos, commercials and pilots. You can connect with him on Instagram @goodproducer

Discussion Topics:

  • Learning to be humble
  • Working on "small" jobs
  • Going above and beyond your job description
  • Think about the job, not the money

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