Ep 39 – Kimi Morton and Pua Pakele & Cabot – No One Raves About Wonder Bread

Hey Photogs! In a world that encourages a 60-hour work week with little time to rest (because we just have to get those spreadsheets out by Monday!), we end up burning ourselves out and helping no one in our exhausted state. Mike talks with Kimi and Pua about rethinking the word 'hustle' and how we should instead focus our energy on more important things around our business.  

More About our Guest Speaker: Best Life Ever co-founders Kimi Morton + Pua Pakele and Cabot were drawn together by a calling –
a burning desire to help people fall in love with their businesses and their lives! These fitness trainers turned corporate productivity coaches turned business coaches believe are too many entrepreneurs with BIG DREAMS to serve the world in badass, amazing ways, that end up feeling like it would be easier to just quit and go back to a “real job”.

Best Life Ever is more than a business, it's a radical movement to empower people to follow their dreams and expand the way they think, work, and live in today’s modern world. Kimi + Pua support entrepreneurs with their free Best Life Ever Tribe on Facebook, their free Brokeass to Badass weekly podcast, and their signature 8-week program, Broke-ass to Badass, which guides entrepreneurs around the world to create badass online businesses from a foundation of efficiency and productivity. 

Discussion Topics:

  • Defining your brand language.
  • Rethinking the idea of hustle and grind.
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • What is your big vision? 

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