Ep 26 – Rich Diltz – The Power of Being the Creative Artist You Really Want To Be

Hey Photogs! Working with other creatives to create awesome photos can really help your portfolio and your brand flourish. But, much like anything involving teamwork, you have to find the right people to work with or your photos will suffer. This week, Mike is talking with Rich Diltz about being your best creative self, networking with other creatives, being mindful of your reputation, and working with others without compromising your individual style.

More About our Guest Speaker: Bodypaint Artist Rich Diltz is a Northern California airbrush artist and has been recognized for his bodypaint art for over 15 years. Rich uses airbrush, as well as traditional hand brush methods to create amazing works of art on the skin of his subjects. Rich’s work is internationally recognized and has been featured on television and print all over the world. You can find Rich on his website, Second Skin Images, as well as on his Instagram page, @bodypainterrich.

Discussion Topics:

  • What it takes to be/act a professional
  • How to really find a good team.
  • Why you should create art for the sake of creating art.
  • Why you should surround yourself with other creative individuals.

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