Ep 23 – Zach Spuckler – The 5-Day Challenge

Hey Photogs! So let’s say there has been a dry spell lately, and you haven’t had any new clients and you don’t know what to do. What if you decided to run your own 5-day challenge to better promote yourself? What is it? Well, Mike talks with Zach Spuckler about the 5-day challenge, how it helps you gain new clients, how often you should do it, and what’s first step to take?

More About our Guest Speaker: Zach is the founder of Heart, Soul & Hustle and host of a podcast by the same name where he teaches business owners how to leverage Facebook Ads and Launches to strategically maximize leads, conversions, and sales – and ultimately profit! At just 24, Zach has helped his students execute successful 5-6 figures launches and create sustainable sales systems that leverage Facebook Ads, which allow them to work less and profit more. Over at 5dayhustle.com, Zach is hosting a FREE training session for one week, to map out your OWN five day challenge, starting today!

Discussion Topics: 

  • What is a 5-day challenge?
  • Why should we focus on our email list when we already have Facebook?
  • If I give it away for free, what will they buy?
  • How do I get the most out of it?
  • How do I promote the challenge?

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