Ep 22 – Daryl Weber – The Science of Marketing

Hey Photogs! What do cocktails and Miley Cyrus have in common? (No, not what you’re thinking!) They both have to build a brand in order to sell themselves! On this episode, Mike talks with Daryl Weber about how the human brain responds to brands and decides what to buy based on what that brand represents and what kind of advertisements they put out. There is a science to this madness and knowing that can help companies (and you!) better market themselves.

More About our Guest Speaker: Daryl Weber is a brand consultant, speaker, and entrepreneur whose work has influenced many of the best brands in the world, including Coca-Cola, Nike, Johnnie Walker, Gatorade, Old Spice, and many more. He is the author of Brand Seduction: How Neuroscience Can Help Marketers Build Memorable Brands which explores the unconscious side of brands in a way that’s inspiring for creative marketers. Previously, Daryl was Global Director of Creative Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, where he oversaw brand strategy for many of the company’s global billion-dollar brands. Learn more at www.daryl-weber.com and follow him on Twitter @BrandedCortex.

Discussion Topics: 

  • What is brand?
  • How subtle is brand interaction? Do we even know it’s happening?
  • How does our brain actually make decisions?
  • How to build your brand fantasy.

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