Ep 19 – Jonathan Tilley – Entrepreneur or Freelancer, What’s the Difference?

Hey Photogs! Being a creative person doesn’t always pay the bills (or doesn’t quite make you money just yet), but have no fear! Mike talks to Jonathan Tilley, a personal brand strategist, discussing a variety of topics that range from how can a creative person market themselves online, what you really WANT to do versus what you THINK you should do, and what small photography jobs you can get in between the big weddings and the graduation gigs.

More About our Guest Speaker: At 30, Jonathan Tilley was a musical theater and a voice over actor. But, in 2010 he began coaching fellow creatives on the business side of show business, turning his knowledge into online courses like League Of List Builders and Website Makeover Masterclass. And after 2 years of gathering over 2000 pieces of research on what success and failure feels like, in 2017 he released his book “Embrace The F Word: Failure to the world”. You can visit him at jonathantilley.com/legend.

Discussion Topics:

  • What you should call yourself, an entrepreneur or a freelancer?
  • How to market yourself as a creative person (no business suit required).
  • A positive attitude goes a long way.
  • Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades’, pick a few specialties to focus on in your field.

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