Ep 15.5 – Lessons to Learn from the Superbowl

Hey Photogs! Mike has an emergency podcast for you, talking about the Superbowl. And no, not about the actual game, so don’t touch that skip button, non-football fans! But there were two important takeaways from last Sunday that Mike wants to share with you. You’ll definitely want to tune in for this one.

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About the Author Mike Lloyd

Mike is the Tim Burton of photography. He tells powerful, imaginative stories with cinematic photography. He specializes in dramatic, film-noir style boudoir and epic cinematic portraits. He's also the creative force behind Photogs Unite! which focuses on learning from professionals outside the photography industry to learn marketing, sales, branding, and everything else you need to know to build a thriving photography business. And burritos are the key to his happiness.

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