Ep 13 – Sarah Von Bargen – Stop spending money on crap you don’t need

Hey Photogs! Mike sits down with Sarah Von Bargen for an important topic: Money. Tune in to learn when you should actually be spending, and what you should be spending it on. Building your business is important, and Sarah shows you how to do so in a way that will make you, and your bank account, happy!


More About our Guest Speaker: Sarah Von Bargen is a writer and teacher. She focuses on connecting money and happiness to develop the life that you want. And the best part, it doesn’t require you to live on a diet of ramen noodles. She takes a look at your budget and helps figure out where you can save for the things you really want in life!

Check out her website here.

Discussion Topics:

  • Goal setting and why it’s important.
  • Buying vs. taking action.
  • How your learning style plays a role in your money management.
  • Blogging: Is it necessary?
  • The 3 key questions to spending money.

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