Ep 12 – Douglas Burdett

This week we welcome Douglas Burdett to the podcast. Mike and Douglas break down the basics of marketing so that you can avoid some common mistakes. Knowing what is marketing, and sales, and what you are actually supposed to say to your prospective clients will make a world of difference in your business. 


More About our Guest Speaker: Douglas Burdett is a lifelong marketer and veteran of the famed Madison Avenue. He runs his own sales and marketing podcast called, “The Marketing Book Podcast“. He interviews authors every week about what works and what doesn’t work in the world of modern marketing. It’s a great podcast, and one we definitely recommend!


Discussion Topics:

  • Learn the difference between marketing and sales.
  • The four P’s of marketing.
  • What is content and how does it fit in with your marketing?
  • Why the focus is not about “you” when marketing.
  • We discuss the new rules on marketing and public relations.

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