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10 coolest apps for photographers

The 10 coolest apps for photographers

It’s really easy for us to get lost in technology and lose sight of what really matters, which is building a solid business and giving our clients the best possible experience. There are some pretty

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How to Set Photoshop Actions

Setting actions in Photoshop will help you speed up your workflow. Setting actions only takes the time of doing something once and you’ll never have to touch them again! You can even assign keyboard

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How to Set Export Presets in Lightroom CC

Setting export presets in Lightroom will help you speed up your workflow and optimize your images for however you want to share them. In just a few minutes you can set all of your presets and never have

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How Big Should Digital Files Be?

Does size matter? If you are unsure about how big your digital files should be, then this article is going to simplify the way you save or export your images. I have a few simple rules that I live by that

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Avoid These Common Editing Mistakes

How to not edit your photos The best way to learn your unique voice as an artist is to experiment. Explore new techniques and learn how other photographers create the photos that inspire you. There are

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