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EP 15 – Nick Nelson – Why being unorganized won’t help you get paid

Hey Photogs! Making checklists and task sheets can seem like a repetitive, boring thing to do. We know. Mike sits down with Nick Nelson to tell you why this ISN’T the case. Breaking things down into

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How to Use Client Testimonials

What is a client testimonial? A client testimonial is quote from your client about their experience with you. It is similar to a review, like they would leave on Yelp or Google, but they are writing specifically

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EP 14 – Rick Mulready – How to make Facebook Ads work for you

Hey Photogs! On this episode, Mike sits down with Rick Mulready, the go-to coach for learning about Facebook advertising. They cover all the basics to get you started with Facebook ads so you’re

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Ep 13 – Sarah Von Bargen – Stop spending money on crap you don’t need

Hey Photogs! Mike sits down with Sarah Von Bargen for an important topic: Money. Tune in to learn when you should actually be spending, and what you should be spending it on. Building your business is

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Douglas Burdett The Marketing Book Podcast

Ep 12 – Douglas Burdett

This week we welcome Douglas Burdett to the podcast. Mike and Douglas break down the basics of marketing so that you can avoid some common mistakes. Knowing what is marketing, and sales, and what you are

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Ep 11 – Ross Jeffries – What IS copywriting?

Hey Photogs! This week, Mike sits down with Ross Jeffries to talk about how hiring a copywriter is important. Copywriting is the words you use to educate, entertain, or encourage your clients to hire

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Photogs Unite! Podcast Johnny Dzubak

Ep 10 – Johnny Dzubak – Improving Your Social Confidence

Hey Photogs! When you go out and meet people and talk about your business, how do they respond? It can either hurt or help your chance of being hired. Mike talks with Johnny Dzubak about how these actions

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Photogs Unite! Podcast Alison Stratten

Ep 9 – Alison Stratten – Building a Strong Brand for Your Business

Hey Photogs! This week we are sitting down with Alison Stratten to talk about what branding really is, and trust me, it’s more than just your logo. Learn about the true meaning behind your brand,

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ep 8 bannerPhotogs Unite! Podcast Kat Robichaud

Ep 8 – Kat Robichaud- Photographing Live Events

Hey Photogs! Photographing live events is a beast all its own. Mike sits down with Kat Robichaud to talk about the do’s and don’ts of shooting live events. From where to start, to doing the

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Photogs Unite! Podcast Rachel Brenke

Ep 7 – Rachel Brenke – The Legal Side of Photography

Buckle up photogs! Whether you are a hobbyist or going pro, you need to learn about keeping it legal. Don’t get caught with your pants down! Mike chats with TheLawTog, Rachel Brenke, to help you

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