7 Podcasts to Help You Grow Your Photography Business

Podcasts are amazing, but which ones should you listen to?

Podcasting a quickly growing medium and there is more and more great content out there every day. There is also tons of crap that doesn’t really help anyone… And the last thing you have is time to keep searching for those gems. Fear not! I’ve done the dirty work and put together a list of 7 podcasts you can listen to that will help you grow your business.

Are there other business podcasts you love? Share in the comments! I will also be updating this list periodically when I find amazing new shows.

The Marketing Book Podcast

This is one of my favorite shows out there. Douglas Burdett interviews a new author every week and really drives home the key points from these books. Not only do you get valuable information from the author on these episodes, but I end up buying a lot of these books afterward and my ‘what to read next’ list is never empty. You will truly get valuable strategies and tactics about what works in modern marketing and what to not waste your time/money on.


Building a Storybrand

Donald Miller has cracked the branding code, and he’s willing to share his secrets with you. If you want to speak to your clients in a way that makes booking you a no-brainer, this show is a must-listen. He teaches you how to simplify your message and clearly communicate it to your client. His book, of the same name, will walk you through the process and make it really easy for you. This is one of the best things you can do for your business. Marketing is worthless is you aren’t saying the right things.


Unstoppable Success Radio

Kelly Roach is a business growth strategist, and also happens to be my business coach. I listened to her podcast for a long time before hiring her and I definitely recommend going back to episode 1 and starting from the beginning. You will learn effective strategies and tactics to grow your business from someone who really knows her stuff. She breaks down how to identify, attract, and close the deal with your clients. She also brings on guests who cover all aspects of business from sales, to finance, to self care. It’s a very thorough podcast and every episode has something to take away.


The Art of Charm

This show has been running for 10 years, has 800+ episodes, and 3.8 MILLION monthly downloads! You know they’re doing something right. This show isn’t necessarily about business but I guarantee that it will make you a better person, therefore better at business. You will learn so much about how people think/behave and increase your own self awareness. If you think you know enough already and you don’t need to grow as a person, then this show is especially for you. I’ve listened to 400+ episodes and I can’t get enough.


Duct Tape Marketing

This show brings in business professionals who can answer the questions you’ve been struggling with. You’ll learn new mindsets to adopt, as well as the strategies and tactics that will actually take your business to the next level. John Jantsch has been in the game a long time and his guests never fail to deliver. The episodes are a little shorter than some of the other shows on this list, but that doesn’t mean they’re not full of actionable information.


Perpetual Traffic by Digital Marketer

Do you wish you had millions of dollars and a top-notch creative team to explore every last nook and cranny in the world of digital marketing? Well, these guys do. Molly, Keith, and Ralph tell you exactly how to build your marketing funnels, which platforms to use and how, and how to design the perfect messages and creative to go with your ads. I have so many episodes bookmarked from this show that I go back and listen to again and again.


The Art of Paid Traffic

Rick Mulready is the master of Facebook ads. He goes into great detail about what is and what isn’t working in the world of Facebook/Instagram ads. Whether you cater to local clients or market digital products, you will learn exactly how to build an effective ad campaign using Facebook ads. One of my favorite parts of this show is the updates he gives to Facebook’s policies. These alone can keep your account from getting shut down, since you’re probably like me and don’t take the time to keep reading all of the policy updates.


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